Our micro-preemie son's journey

Five years old!

Dear Cayden,

I can hardly believe that you are five. It just seems like yesterday that we met you for the first time. Five years ago we couldn’t have guessed how things would be today when you made your emergency entrance into the world.

This year has FLOWN by and what a year it has been! Four days after your fourth birthday, you welcomed your little sister into the family. Since day one you have been an incredible big brother. You are protective, loving, sympathetic (unless she takes your toys), empathetic, and quite the comedian when it comes to Lorelai. Sweet boy, you make her laugh and giggle like no other. She loves you more than she can express right now. I’m so thankful that we get to be a witness to such a strong bond between the two of you.

You’ve been fairly healthy this year. A few colds, ear infections, and some breathing treatments, but overall, healthy. In May you had ear tubes put in because it was noted that you had some low tone hearing loss and some fluid build up. You were so brave, walking down the hall with the nurses and anesthesiologists that day. Dr. Friedman said that you had tons of fluid in your little ears, but she got those tubes in and your hearing has improved some and NO more fluid! We’ve continued to struggle to get you to gain weight, but you finally moved those numbers on the scale a tad… 28 pounds!!

You moved from a PPCD classroom into a co-teach Pre-K classroom. You have bloomed! Not only is your speech getting better, but you are reading and comprehending what you read at a level well above your age. You even read to your class this year! It blows my mind that you can read this letter this year. Academically you are a rock star! You still have some delays with your motor skills, but you get an A+ for your effort! You are working hard at using scissors, writing with a pencil, coloring with crayons, and even tracing and writing letters! Your jumping is improving and I understand that you are starting to play with your classmates on the playground. You love school and every day you tell me what you did that day. It’s so much fun listening to you recall the daily activities and see the excitement from learning something new.

You are SUPER social. As in, absolutely no boundaries when it comes to new people. You also have a tendency to say whatever is on your mind, so we are working on teaching you tact. One of my favorite stories happened recently. You were going to a doctor appointment with mama. We were on the elevator with many doctors, mostly female, and a few other people. You had on a shirt that said, “Hello Ladies”. One of the female doctors asked what your shirt said, and you told her in a drawn out voice, “Helloooo Ladies!” It was SO funny. The whole elevator was giggling. She responded with “Hello Handsome”, and you got SO offended and told her in no uncertain terms that your shirt didn’t say hello handsome, it said hello ladies!  You count people coming and go from places, and have no qualms about sharing personal information or even asking them personal questions. Thankfully, most people are VERY receptive to you. After all, you did tell one lady, when asked, that everyone told you that you were cute!

You love to help and pride yourself on being a great helper. You’ve started building things with Daddy and you love every minute of it. I’m sure Daddy loves every minute too, even if you do slam the hammer into his hands or try to build it your own way. You’ve always done things in your own time and own way, so it is no surprise that you still do that, even at five years old. You tell us frequently that you don’t need help and you can do it by yourself.

You are 100% potty trained and it’s super funny to see you wear your underwear backwards or inside out and backwards. I giggle even more because you can’t stand your seam to be off by one tiny bit on your sock, but those underwear can be worn any which way.

You finally kicked your paci habit. We’ve had to substitute some chewy tubes, gum, and well, most things you can chew on to keep you off the paci. You even try to sneak sisters! Sounds are still a huge trigger for you sensory wise. We have learned not to leave the house without headphones, just in case, and you do a great job of asking for them and even trying to tolerate the sound at times. You repeat EVERYTHING and you tend to do it more when you are overstimulated. It’s one of the signs that tells us you need a sensory break.

You still like to snuggle and it warms my heart to have you throw your little arms around me, hug me, and snuggle up in my lap. You were over two months old before we were allowed to hold you for the first time, so these little moments are so special to us.

You are an awesome little guy. I’m glad that I get to be your mommy.  I love EVERYTHING about you… I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for you, sweet, silly boy.

Happy 5th Birthday!!

I love you all the way to the moon and back!




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