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Lorelai Grace (1-4-13)

Lorelai Grace made her grand arrival on January 4, 2013. Despite pre-term labor and a high risk pregnancy, she managed to stay put until my scheduled c-section. Lorelai was born at 38 weeks, 2 days gestation.

Here is her birth story:

My c-section was scheduled for 1PM and we had to arrive at the hospital to check in two hours earlier. I wasn’t allowed to have anything to eat or drink after midnight and no heparin the morning of the procedure. I was a NERVOUS wreck. Cayden freaked out when his sitter arrived to stay with him and we had to leave. He clung to me and sobbed and it just broke my heart and I cried half way to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital and went up to labor and delivery to check in. My room was being cleaned, so we waited in the c-section waiting room with a stern warning to me not to eat or drink anything. It wasn’t long and they got us into our room. Our room was large and spacious, just a bit on the freezing side. I changed into my hospital gown and settled into the bed to  start all the paperwork. I was hooked up to the heart rate monitor and asked a gazillion questions about my medications, medical history, any all about my first birth. An IV was started, I signed all the consents, and then registration came in and had us sign papers for insurance and billing. While we waited for the schedule time, 1PM, to arrive, we watched the game show network and tried to relax. My anxiety was VERY high, as I had time to think about this delivery versus the emergency situation with Cayden’s birth.

Before long, it was time to get ready for the operating room. Nate took out our jackets and my clothes to my mom, who was in the waiting room, and then came back and gowned up. I had to put my hat on and we walked down to the OR. Nate had to wait in the c-section waiting room again until they were ready for him. I had to get up on the table and get positioned for my epidural. It was a far different feeling than the one I had with Cayden. It was a little painful and I kept feeling pain on my left side. Each time they added the medicine, I would feel a jolt of what felt like lightening surge through my body. It was VERY uncomfortable, but the epidural worked and we were set to go. I was introduced to all the people caring for me. The nurse anesthesiologist got me hooked up to all the monitors and I was further prepped for the actual surgery.

My doctor arrived and checked all the charts and asked me questions about my meds and eating, discussed my meds for after surgery,  and checked in on my emotional well being. We were both excited that we made it to TERM and were doing this in an non-emergency setting this time around. About that time, my nurse realized that my actual hospital bracelets weren’t on! She was SO embarrassed because she is such a stickler for that and missed it. She was razzed by the entire crew in the OR, including my doctor…lol!Dr. Leeds-Richter scrubbed in and we were ready to go. Nate came in, sat by my side and held my hand, checking in with me about my anxiety.

I said that I was VERY anxious and the nurse anesthesiologist and my doctor both said that was absolutely normal. The nurse anesthesiologist aid that it will be different each time and that the next time would be different too. At the same time, Dr. L-R and myself were both like, uhm….I followed with “we’ll think long and hard about that one”, and she said, “we’ll talk about that”…lol! I love my doctor. She told Nate that she would let him know when to get his camera ready.

I could feel the pressure as she cut and tugged and before long I heard her telling Nate to get his camera ready. At 13:36, Dr. L-R held up Lorelai and said, “Look at that big baby!” while my sweet girl screamed her little dark head off. She was gorgeous. Full term, head full of dark hair, great set of lungs. I got tears in my eyes. Nate went with her to her bedside to take pictures while they sewed me up. He came back when they brought her over to me. I was handed my daughter all swaddled up. It was very emotional and surreal. I couldn’t believe I was holding my little girl in my arms after such an eventful pregnancy. Then she was handed to her daddy and more pictures were taken. He had her sweet little foot prints on his gown and he was SO proud. She was 5lbs 14oz and 18.75 inches long!

Soon after, I was wheeled to recovery and she was brought to us to attempt to breast feed. She did okay and then was taken to NICU for six hours for observation because of my diabetes during pregnancy. She did great in NICU with no blood sugar issues and was able to come to my room late that evening. Cayden was the first to meet her in person, just like we wanted. He wasn’t overly interested in his sister, but was glad to see his mama. Thankfully, we were able to get him to let us take his picture with his sister later on.

We had a good hospital stay with minimal issues. Lorelai came home with us on Monday, the 7th. She had lost weight and was down to 5lbs 3.65 oz and was tiny compared to babies her gestational age, yet she was absolutely perfect in every way. Her newborn clothes were way too big, so she had to wear a preemie outfit home.

Cayden was VERY jealous of her when we got home and demanded that I “give Worewai to Daddy RIGHT now!” repeatedly until he could crawl in my lap and love on me. We know he will come around as he overcomes all the changes and sensory stimulation that his little sister will bring into his world.

Welcome to the family, sweet Lorelai Grace.

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