Our micro-preemie son's journey

Halloween 2012

The night before, we let Cayden and Emily help Nate carve a pumpkin for the first time. They were both grossed otu by the insides, but Cayden did eventually get over the texture to touch them. Here are some of those pictures:

Originally, Cayden was going to be Doc McStuffins from Disney Junior, just his own version, Doc Gallop.

Well, good thing I didn’t just start making that costume because when I asked him again, he decided he wanted to be a monster. Specifically a “scary monster” that was “red and blue”. Uhm, okay. Mind you, he’s three. His version of scary (even though he loves it) is Monsters, Inc. type of monsters.

So, we go to get his materials to make his costume. He decided at that point that he wanted to be a black monster. Great. Way to put mommy on the spot. He picked out some different colored fleece at JoAnn’s and I got to designing his costume with his approval.

Here is the final version. I finished just. in. time. Literally.

He had a fantastic party at school on Halloween that his daddy attended. He was able to wear his costume as part of red ribbon week, but I didn’t want to take chances that it would get messed up, so I made him a monster shirt to wear to school. Here are some of his party pictures:

His cousins, Emily and Troy, came over with their cousin, Lilly, to trick-or-treat this year. Cayden refused to ride in the wagon. He insisted on pulling. Stubborn child. They did SO well this year saying “trick-or-treat” when they went to the doors and using their manners, saying “thank you” when they were given a treat. Emily decided to run from her mom and fell face first onto the pavement and busted her forehead. Scared the crap out of all of us, but she was okay in the end.

Cayden even got to see his teacher, Mrs. Perry, during trick-or-treating! It was so cute to see his face when he saw her. He sure loves her!

They made us super proud when they picked apples over the M&M’s at the last house. Trust me, that’s a big deal because Cayden LOVES his M&M’s! It was an exhausting night, but quite a bit of fun for all of us. Click on the picture to see how his Halloween adventures!



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