Our micro-preemie son's journey

Baytown Special Rodeo (9-8-12)

Nate and I became involved with Baytown Special Rodeo the year Cayden was born. We were on the board that year and hosted a booth for the first time and have hosted a sensory booth every year. Who knew that we would have a little guy with special needs, including sensory?

We chose not to sign him up this year because we weren’t sure he would do well. He was excited to play when we got there, wearing his head phones, of course, so we signed him up as a participant and took turns taking him through games and running our booth.

He only had a few meltdowns, which was rather amazing, and had such an awesome time. I don’t think he could have smiled bigger and more than he did.

He actually ate cotton candy for the first time, which is wild considering the texture usually throws him and he spits it out. He captured the hearts of the firemen and the paramedics and LOVED the emergency vehicles. He especially enjoyed riding the horse and meeting new people. He even “danced” with the Rodeo Clowns and one of the HLSR Representatives!

He passed out before we ever made it out of the parking lot. We look forward to taking him next year as a participant and getting volunteers to help with our booth.

Click the picture to see more of Cayden’s fun!



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