Our micro-preemie son's journey

Swimming Lessons

Cayden has always LOVED the water. He has never shown any fear of the water, as far as getting in, etc. Each year his bravery increases and our fear of an accident soars. Swimming lessons were a must this year.

A local woman, named Mrs. Mary was recommended to us for swimming lessons.  She had some cancellations, so we were able to get in the week of June 25-28th for lessons. Each lesson was from 6-8 PM with a small class of about seven kiddos. Mrs. Mary taught with Mrs. Katy.

The first night Cayden cried and screamed for almost the entire two hours. It was gut wrenching. He only stopped crying when it was his turn to swim with the instructor and he was moving in the water.When asked, he indicated that there were too many people and it was too loud. Basically, he was in sensory overload and had a very difficult time processing all the noises and sounds around him.  (This is because of his auditory sensory processing disorder.) All the other kids were SO sweet to Cayden, trying to engage him and checking on him.

We made it through the first night and came back the next evening. He was upset at first, and cried off and on through the lesson, but he participated more and was far happier.  He was doing so great and even “swimming” under water! Everything was going well, until right at the end and he decided to jump off the stair without his instructor to catch him and attempted to swim. He was doing okay and then started to panic. They rushed over right as I was about to jump in the pool and get him. He was fine. No loss of oxygen or anything, just scared and he swallowed some water.

Needless to say, the next night was a bit trickier because he was a bit swim shy. He came around and did great the rest of the week. Each night I had to sit in front of him or stand next to him for him to be comfortable. If not, there would be a serious meltdown. However, it didn’t stop other meltdowns, but it certainly helped.

Click the last picture for more swim lesson photos!

Swimming with Mrs. Katy

Next year, we will call starting in November to book summer lessons (as recommended). It’s extremely important for my little water bug to be water safe!



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1 Gamma { 07.16.12 at 3:16 pm }

Gamma wanted to wrap him up and run away with him when he got upset but I respected Mommy and Daddys wishes and didn’t…..it was so hard tho!

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