Our micro-preemie son's journey

Gamma, the airport, and Dr. K.

On the 27th, Nate’s mom, Cheryl, aka, Gamma, flew in from Ohio. Cayden experienced his first time in an airport while we waited for her at luggage claim. He was fascinated with the people and told us he was going to get on an airplane in so many words. Alright, little buddy. =)

Cayden talks to Gamma via FaceTime multiple times a week, so he is used to seeing her in the “box” on the iPad. His little face was priceless when he saw her walk up. Just total disbelief, like, “wow, she’s really here!” kind of face. It was so sweet. He walked over to her and had this HUGE grin on his face.

After the airport, we hurried over to TCH for Cayden’s appointment with Dr. Krishna. Cayden weighed in at 23 pounds and was 35 inches tall! He’s gained some weight, which is excellent. Of course, Dr. K was concerned about him needing to gain more weight, but was pleased that he did gain weight. We made a joint decision to stop Cayden’s reflux meds that he has been on since he came home to see how he does. If we feel like we made a bad choice or start to see some serious signs again, we’ll go in and do an endoscopy to make sure we aren’t missing something before putting him back on high dose reflux medications. Fingers crossed that this is the right step for Cayden!


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1 Gamma { 07.16.12 at 3:13 pm }

His face was absolutely priceless! And him pulling my rolling suitcase was such a gentlemanly thing to do! He’s such a sweetie.

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